All Kids Got Talent

The December 4th event at the Granville Arts and Cultural Center was a unique opportunity for our kids ages 10 through 18 to exhibit their God-given skills and talents. The event was colorful, and our young talented artists exemplified bravery and excellence as testified by all three judges in attendance. Accordingly, Princess, Kendra, Favor, and Leilani distinguished themselves in poetry, dancing, playing the flute and a speech on Nelson Mandela respectively. All 17 contestants were on point, and each received congratulatory messages and a medal from the judges and the organizers. A big THANK YOU goes out to all our amazing city leaders and especially the Granville Arts and Culture staff for sponsoring the 2021 All Kids Got Talent Show! Michelle, Cheyenne, Teresa, Hank, and Morgan, y’all were amazing!!! If you could not make it this year, no worries, we have put together a few videos and pictures for you.